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Platsky Company provides a complete range of quality plumbing, heating, HVAC and decorative showroom products from breaking ground through roughing all the way to finishing – In a convenient courteous manner for our customers in the following categories:
  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial
  4. Fire protection
  5. Sewage & drainage
  6. Turf and irrigation
For more than 75 years, Platsky Company has distinguished itself as a manufacturers representative by following a list of Founding Principles that has continuously raised the bar of performance, expectations, and satisfaction for our employees and our customers. These principles provide a powerful offensive and defensive strategy to drive our company forward, by linking past and present accomplishments to our future success.
  • To continue to earn the trust and respect of our customers (employees, manufacturers, distributors, contractors and engineers) by conducting our business with integrity.
  • To be customer driven and service oriented, promoting and protecting the interests and needs of all of our customers.
  • To encourage a sense of well-being for our customers based upon: effective communication, solid relationships, and mutually beneficial negotiations.
  • To provide a professional, consultative buy-selling service, rather than the adversarial high-pressure element too often present in business-to-business sales.
  • To promote and drive our intellectual capital by demonstrating our street smarts with a sense of enlightenment, and by being energizing and enlightening for all of our customers.
  • To offer an unparalleled connection between the manufacturer and the wholesale customer through carefully selected and delivered services and products.

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